Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Suffering from hair loss or unexpected hair fall to a great level and worrying a bit too much about it?

Consulting with hair care experts and getting the best hair fall treatments could be the right solution to come out of hair fall problems. Hair loss treatment for women is gaining momentum day after day as a hot topic to discuss.

Hair Thinning Over the Top and Sides of the Head – Common in Women

Despite popular belief that baldness is predominately a male problem, female hair loss is just as common except it is to a lesser extent. Androgenetic alopecia amongst women is generally associated with hair thinning over the top and sides of their heads. Female pattern hair loss can affect women as early as their teenage years, but the risk increases manifold after menopause.

Women lose approximately 100 – 125 individual strands of hair per day, which is considered normal. These strands of hair are replaced within the normal hair growth cycle, so hair loss occurs when the lost hair does not grow back or the daily hair fall exceeds 125 strands. The gene for hair loss can be passed down from both sides of the family.
In order to get rid of this problem, looking for the best hair fall treatment is not the worst decision to make.

Main causes of hair loss for women:

  • Physical Stress:  medical surgery, serious illness, rapid weight change
  • Emotional Stress: death in the family, mental disorder, etc.
  • Thyroid irregularity
  • Hormonal Causes: pregnancy, birth control pills, and menopause.
  • Medications: excessive doses of vitamin A, hypertension medications, etc.
  • Healthy hair growth can be achieved by reversing the above causes.

How your diet and stress levels can lead to hair loss:


  • Physical-Emotional Stress

Any life-threatening stress can lead to hair loss. The human body goes into a temporary “red alert” and slows down any processes that are not essential to living, like hair growth. The body reallocates its energy to repair any damage and to re-establish homeostasis. After the body slows down it stops hair growth, but hair loss is not noticeable until 3 months after a traumatic event. The same applies to hair re-growth too. Therefore, the whole process would take over 6 months, given you approach the problem as soon as it presents itself. Other health conditions may contribute to hair loss like, anemia, low blood count, and thyroid abnormalities.

  • Diet Concerns

Due to the lack of healthy diet patterns amongst average men, most of them are advised by their doctors to take dietary supplements to help them get their daily nutrients. Although taking dietary supplements to help you get your daily nutrients, dermatologists agree that these supplements are high in vitamin A. The excessive content can accelerate and magnify hair loss patterns.
Using a certain type of hair oil is always a good decision – mainly to experience improved hair loss treatment that is more effective. Using such oils and hair conditioners will be an added advantage in some of the best hair fall treatments.

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