Saini Herbal Hair Oil

Saini Herbal Hair Oil is a Non-Sticky and Non-Greasy herbal formulation with no side effects and is clinically proven effective for all ages of men, women and children.

Saini Herbal Hair Oil is a blend of some rare Ancient Indian Herbs, which are used for centuries to provide strength & vitality to the hair to enable them to grow properly and to overcome the problem of the early death of hair.

Saini Herbal Hair Oil supplies the necessary nourishment to the roots of the hair and helps in their natural growth. It also promotes hair growth, dandruff and thinning of hair.

Regular use of this Herbal Hair Oil grows new-hair on the bald scalp and cures the dandruff problem permanently.

How Saini Herbal Hair Oil Acts

  • Massaging with Saini Herbal Hair Oil stimulates the ill growing hair follicles, this blood supply enriches the hair follicle with proper nourishment, which results in the growth of a NEW-HAIR.
  • On massaging, the contents of Saini Herbal Hair Oil are absorbed into the skin. These absorbed contents of Oil provide strength to weak and ill growing hair follicles inside the skin. This helps them to grow properly and come out of the Epidermis (skin).
  • The absorbed contents of the oil control the sebum flow from the sebaceous glands, thus helps to prevent the problem of dandruff and early death of hair, resulting in the control of Hair-Loss.
  • The absorbed content of the oil also acts on Melanin secreting cells that help in maintaining the natural color of the Hair.

Functions of Saini Herbal Hair Oil

  • Saini Herbal Hair oil is effective for men, women,
    and children of all ages.
  • It stops the falling of hair in short span of time.
  • Stops dandruff permanently.
  • Stops itching and scaling instantly.
  • Promotes the growth of hair.
  • Provides relaxing and soothing effects to the scalp skin.