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Saini Herbal Scalp & Hair Conditioner for Dandruff Solution
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What is DHT?

What causes hair loss?

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Male pattern hair loss

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  This herbal hair loss treatment prevents Male Pattern Baldness, will stop hair loss, dandruff, prevents thinning hair, dry scalp,and balding.

Drug free hair loss prevention products for hair re-growth.
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What is DHT?

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, is a daunting word for people with hair loss problem. If you suffer from hair loss, it is important to understand the causes of DHT related hair loss. Once you know more about DHT, you will be better informed about the havoc it creates to your scalp and about remedies now available to mitigate or even reverse its effects.

In a vast majority of cases, hair loss is hereditary, passed down the genes from either side of parentage. Some studies indicate that baldness from the maternal side has a greater chance of it being passed along to a male offspring. A human body is programmed to produce an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase. When the Androgen hormone in the scalp produces testosterone, which mixes with 5 alpha reductase, it produces Dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

DHT is not well received by male (and some female) hair follicles, cutting off blood supply which is critical to growth of new hair. Thinning and or balding process begins when this occurs, in other words DHT related hair loss. But where there is a DHT, there are also some DHT blockers.

A treatment that can stop DHT related hair loss, among others, is Saini Herbal Scalp & Hair Conditioner®.. It is among the best DHT blocker in the business, has already helped thousands, both women and men stop hair loss and even re-grow natural hair, safely and permanently. It is a 100% herbal natural DHT blocker, has no side effects and works locally in the scalp area only. It works by removing the buildup of blood blocking residue in hair roots and thus reversing the DHT process.

As long as there is hair, or hair root still present in the scalp, we can help you fight DHT hair loss; consistent use of Saini Herbal Scalp & Hair Conditioner®. will re-grow that hair strong and healthy.

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